Visual Post

Here are a couple of pictures of my work.  I guess part of the fun of blogging is to actually  see what everyone is doing.  Since I am an artist, that should be obvious.  Here goes.

Musher's Hat

Musher's Hat

I decided to post one of my quirkier jobs that has to be one of the most unusual ones that I have ever done.  I had to use a lot of my sewing and artistic talents to come up with something that worked.  My client was very pleased and sent pics of himself in Alaska.  I need to scan one as they are not digitals.

This is fun! I think I will try another one.

Blue Agave

Blue Agave

This is a painting commissioned by my friend Anne who gave me carte blanche as far as the subject matter is concerned.  Every day I pass a huge Agave plant on my way home from my studio and I just love the way the light plays across the leaves.  It is one of my favorite paintings. (C) Madelin C. Wolf :  All rights reserved!

That’s all for now.  I will have to put some quilt pix in here, too.  I am working on a hand-quilting project of about 6800 square inches and I can’t wait to get it done!


2 Responses to “Visual Post”

  1. The pictures look great! Were they taken with your old camera? If you want I can scan a photo for you – just bring it by the studio.


  2. the special one Says:

    Hey Mom, Great shots, I really like the agave painting! Have fun blogging, I’ve started a few and let them fade away pretty quickly. Hopefully you can keep yours going!

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