A Quilt For Myself

Small Hawaiian-style Whole Cloth Quilt

Small Hawaiian-style Whole Cloth Quilt

This is a scan of the latest bit of quilting that I have done for myself.  It’s approximately  8″ square.  In July I worked for a designer doing the echo quilting on 5 hawaiian-style quilts over the span of 9 days.  Very demanding both physically and mentally!  This was the last design I did over the course of a 13 hour day.  I was able to meet my deadline just in time for it to be included with the 4 others going on the ship the next morning.  As a memento of the process I quilted through the copy of the pattern just doing the design without adding the echo quilting.  As I was quilting for an hour through the paper,  I didn’t realize that it would take me 2 hours to pick the little paper  pieces from under the stitches!  Still, I like the results and plan to do the rest of the patterns… someday.


One Response to “A Quilt For Myself”

  1. Kathryn Smith Says:

    I’m impressed with that quilting and I didn’t know you were a painter!

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