A Dress for My Birthday Party

Today I cut out a dress to wear to my 60th birthday party  taking place in a couple of weeks.  I have made the dress before out of a really gorgeous taupe, dark lime green, beige and black  rayon diamond print with a black pindot fabric as an accent fabric at the waist and arms bands.  UNFORTUNATELY my husband mistakingly included it  in a pile of stuff for Goodwill.  Now, I am sure I have forgiven him to his face, but I am still a bit miffed that it is no longer in my closet.  I do have the scraps.   Funny how we can get fixated on something and worry it like a dog with a bone.  In any case, when it is finished, (and if I like the results), I will post a picture.

So, I am going to be 60.  I have thought a lot about that recently and while I am glad to still be around, I am not so sure that I am very satisfied with my life.  I had thought I would be in a different place, and I don’t mean geographically speaking.  I have so many ideas of things I want to create and I am not making enough time to do the work.  I specifically made the sub header of my blog, “Remember, make art every day,” as a reminder to myself as well as for anyone else that sees it.  Did I follow my own advice today?  No, I worked on client work and cut out my dress and then hand quilted tonight for almost 3 hours.  I feel like I let myself down when I don’t meet my goals.  Time for a change.  Time for bed!  Well, almost.

I thought I would post a picture of a necklace that I made recently  for my granddaughter Maggie’s birthday present.  I made the pink beads out of fabric and paired them with spacers and crystal bicones.  I really enjoyed making the beads and then using them, too!  I plan to make more of them soon.

Maggie's Necklace


One Response to “A Dress for My Birthday Party”

  1. Hey, Madelin – way to go with your blog! I like the necklace picture and I like the personal thoughts you are sharing. Anne

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