RAIN! And other stuff.

What a day! Pouring rain, gusty winds and it’s coming way  too early in the season! I have been out in it to drop my son off for work and will be doing the same for the other one a bit later.  Biking on a day like today just doesn’t cut it. I also went to the dentist for my 6 months appointment.  I stayed home instead of going to the studio today.  Sometimes one just has to tend to the home.  Oh, Martha!  It’s a good thing.

I spent some time learning how to upload pictures from my camera to the computer; or, is it download?  Anyway, I have a picture of the necklace I made to go with the pants I wore at my birthday party.  I forgot to bring the earrings that Anne and I collaborated on so I could take a picture of them as well.  Hindsight….  I had a good time making the piece.

The center fabric/resin bead plus the 6 spiral findings represent my 7 grandchildren.  The The two sets of 5 black bicones represent my children, the clasp represents my husband and me and the other black glass pearls come in 3’s which is a favorite number of mine.  The rest are just there because I liked the way they looked.

My birthday present to me!

My birthday present to me!



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