This Afternoon’s “Work”

After lunch with a friend and browsing in the Gardener on Fourth Street, I decided to make some more fabric beads.  I love, the process and the resulting beads.  I started to make these several months ago after purchasing Kristal Wick’s book “Fabulous Fabric Beads.”  (Who says retail therapy is all bad?).  I have made several hundred of them,  made some earrings and even sold some of the beads.  They are addictive.  I have embellished some fabrics with a stamp and gold paint before cutting and making the beads.   I just tried the technique of using Double Tack, a sticky-on-both-sides kind of mounting film, I guess you would call it, for some silk beads that do not come out well if Weldbond glue is used.  These are much less messy to make and faster,too.  I am adding a link to Krystal’s blog.

60 beads, cotton and silk

60 beads, cotton and silk


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