Grand Kids,Art Group and Shrines

This morning I have two of my seven grand kids over for a few hours.  They are very busy making things with their Playdoh  and entertaining their uncle.  I got the laundry folded and want to get to the studio and finish the T-shirt quilt that I quilted  yesterday.  I was very happy that the quilting went well without any hitches.  No shredded thread or major tucks on the back that required reverse sewing.  All that is left to do is trim it and bind it.

Last night’s meeting of Artist Leadership Network was a good one.  Click on the link to the right for more information about this group.  The website is getting a facelift and some content will change and be augmented soon.

It was my art share, so,  I shared a few new things created since my last art share.  I had  hoped to have at least one of my shrines finished. They will be made out of old slide boxes (the ones with the grooves in the sides to hold the slides).  I am looking for a source for them. If anyone knows where I can get them, I would appreciate the info.  I spent some of my share time talking about this series and I am getting very excited about them!


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