Up Close and Personal

So, a blog is supposed to be more personal.  I have lots of personal things that I would never wish to share.  BUT there are some very personal items in my face at the moment that are tearing me apart and making it difficult to do my  work, my art and just normal every day things.  Depression is an awful word, but that is what I think I am fighting.  I am in the midst of a struggle  just to make ends meet.  My spouse has been unemployed for a very long time. ( talk about depression!) Unemployment ran out.  Savings ran out. 401 K’s and Iras, ran out.  And now our health insurance is on that path as well, not to mention the fact that other bills can’t be paid.  I have been working hard, building my business, trying new things and getting support from my friends, family and my Artist Leadership Network group.  What is my next step?  I’m not sure.  I can’t support of my family with what I earn.  (Our grown sons live with us, and they do contribute financially with earnings from part-time jobs, but that is not enough.)  What is my largest vision?  To earn money from my artistic endeavors, my quilting and quilt restoration business, and any other way I can think of.  I’ll even “do windows.”   I knew at 5 years old that I was meant to be an artist and that is what I want for myself in this life.  Is it too much to ask for?  Is it too late?  Should I be a greeter at WalMart and call it a day?


One Response to “Up Close and Personal”

  1. Telling it like it is – it feels true and heartfelt. I’m not sure how to advise you as far as letting everyone know what’s going on.. it’s really your call, Madelin. We can talk some more about it in person, if you’d like. But whatever you decide to do with it, I applaud your honesty. – Anne

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