A Few New Things

It’s been awhile since I posted.  I have been busy finishing up a few things.  I made some totes and earrings for a client with her input, more of a collaboration, really.  Custom, lined tote with boxed bottom.Added a backing and binding to an antique Suzani, and finished another T-shirt quilt.  Made with my fabric beads,stone and crystal beads and sterling ear wiresAntique Suzani CloseupThe Suzani is Uzbecki and was made by the women in a family when a daughter was born eventually to be used when she married.  The beautiful embroidery is made entirely using a split chain stitch.

I am beginning to think about the Holiday Open Studio in December.  It’s about time!  I will be open one or two weekend days and by appointment if you miss them.  Ruthmary Shauer and I will be coordinating the event and hope to have a couple more people on board.  We think that our date(s)will be Dec. 12th and possibly the 13th.  Our plans have not firmed up yet.  They will very soon, however!


One Response to “A Few New Things”

  1. Hi Madelin, I love your blog and I want to come see your beautiful things and buy something at your open studio. Let us know when your plans are firm!

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