Tomorrow’s Delivery

Tomorrow I will be delivering another T-shirt Memory Quilt.  They are quite popular and are a great way to get more use out of those special T-shirts that one can’t bear to part with.  I must admit, I really like to design the randomly pieced quilts as they are more of a challenge than the ones with squares of the same size.  Sometimes, however,  it is difficult to make the pieces behave.  This particular quilt was made for a 19 year-old whose mom started it a long time ago.  All the pieces were cut and fused to lightweight fusible interfacing which made my job a lot easier.  This picture of the quilt was edited in Photoshop so that the little bits of design wall would not show when I cropped the photo.  I did not shoot the picture squarely. In any case, you get the general idea.

After having previewed this post I can see I have a lot to learn about getting the colors right!  And I thought that I was making the edges appear seamless just melting into the background!  Well, hopefully the next time I post a photo it will be a lot better that this.

And now I am going to go to bed.


One Response to “Tomorrow’s Delivery”

  1. Beatrice Pickert Says:

    i’m supposed to make a quilt as a graduation gift and have all different sizes of pieces….how did you sew it all together? did you just sew two pieces together but left 1/4 inch open at either end for sewing on the next one? any help would be appreciated 🙂

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