Adventures in SF

I went to The City today with my friend Claire.  We went to the de Young and saw the “King Tut”  and  Amish Abstractions exhibits.

Whoa, let me back up to our transportation adventure first.  I took the Bart to MacArthur station where she joined me.  Then we were supposed to take the N Judah to 9th St. (I think… she was the navigator), get off and walk to the museum.  The N Judah only went part way due to track repair.  We boarded a shuttle and with much jostling, finally got off and had our little stroll to the museum.  Unfortunately we had no time for lunch as it was 1:35 and our appointment to see the  Tut’s relative’s exhibit was at 2:00.  So, we visited nature and looked for the coat room, which had been turned into a gift shop.  On to the exhibit.

After a very dramatic entry we fought our way through the rooms trying to get close enough to the glass enclosures to actually  see the ancient artifacts.  I felt like I was a bumper car or a pin ball bumping around the “posts” which were usually the people who had purchased the electronic docent, standing there clustered around the cases until the words had stopped.  I wondered if they really saw what they were looking at.  I practically had my nose on the glass cases, walking all around them as space allowed, looking at the intricate carving, gold overlays and inlaid work.  While it was no where near the experience that the ’79 Tut exhibit gave me, it was worth the inconvenience of the crowd.  I did enjoy seeing images  and artifacts of some of Tut’s predecessors, but missed the gold mask that was not in the exhibit even though it was used heavily to promote the event.

After a light lunch which was heavy on the wallet, we saw the Amish quilts.  They were utterly breathtaking.  I think that the most wonderful thing about seeing this exhibit was looking at the quilts close up and then casting a casual glance back from a different location which really highlighted the graphic nature of many of the quilts.  In some cases, they “read” as a different quilt.  The subtle subdued colors in some of the smaller crib quilts contrasted wonderfully well with other quilts that had neon orange and bright teal and turquoise in them.  I was glad that the exhibit was smaller than the Tut.  By that time I was exhausted and wanted to go home. After an awful bus ride to the Glen Park Bart station where I had to muscle my way off the bus through the crush of people getting on at the BACK of the bus,and a fairly crowded Bart ride, I walked up the four blocks home.  All in all, it was a good day.  Time to put my feet up!


One Response to “Adventures in SF”

  1. Wow – sounds like quite an expedition! I guess you’re recuperating today – take it easy, you deserve a day off.


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