The Cotton Patch Trip

So, yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Chris who is the resident machine tech who keeps my Bernina in tip top working order.  I had signed up for a class with him on maintaining my machine and, somehow, lost the note which had the date on it.  For some reason I thought that it was a day during the last week of the month, so I called Sunday to see when it was.  Oops, it was the 19th!  Dismayed, I called


Chris the next day. He graciously  invited me to come in for a one-on-one lesson.  Having maintained my other mechanical machines, it was easy to follow his instructions.  I learned about some other oiling points that I can service on a regular basis to extend the life of my machine.  I use my machine a lot and will probably oil it about once every week or two.  He is patient, very pleasant  and very knowledgeable in the repair and servicing of Bernina’s and other machines.  He loves what he does.

I so appreciate The Cotton Patch’s commitment to service.  When my machine had to go in for repairs while Chris was on vacation, Carolie Hensley, the proprietor, sent me home with a loaner machine similar to my own.  I know that this is not usually a store policy, but due the the longer time period, I asked if this were a possibility.  Thank you, Carolie for making my day!  Unfortunately, Carolie was in a meeting at the time I was taking my pictures.  However, I did manage to snap a couple of the staff.

Speaking of the staff, whenever I have had the occasion to talk to or ask for help from the staff at the Cotton Patch, they have always been courteous and helpful.  I encourage anyone who wants to buy a machine, get one serviced, take a class or see/buy  the latest fabulous fabrics that are offered, to go to the Cotton Patch for a great selection.  Here are some pix of the store and staff.  Visit them on the web at


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