Post Turkey Day Post

It’s over!  We had a good Thanksgiving with some of my family in attendance. I made stock out of the carcass today.  There must be a gallon, at least!  I have been under the weather, so some soup sounds good. I still have to remove the fat from the top, though.   I picked up some kind of a virus (not a flu… no aches and no fever); probably got it on the Tut trip as I have felt puckish since last Sunday.

It is difficult for me to take time to rest when there is so much to do.  I hate being down!  I have been plastering my hot rice bags on my chest and neck and they feel so soothing.  I think the heat makes the viruses die.  I just want to have some energy!!  So, this post is short.  I have much to do before the Open Studio on the weekend of the 12th.  So, wish me luck!


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