Getting Ready for my Open Studio Sale

Wow! There is only one more week until my Holiday Sale!  I just finished putting my e-mail list into groups. I added the whole membership of EBHQ; hundreds of names!   That took a while.  Figuring out how to add people to groups presented a little challenge as well.  Now I am all set.  I have 8 more groups of e-mails to send and I will feel like I have really accomplished something!

This past week I started to finish off the cool totes that I am making out of some fabric samples that I have been itching to use.  I am coordinating 4  fabrics for 4 different “looks” as they are reversible.   I’m very excited that I have rescued fabric  that would have otherwise ended up in the land fill, giving it new life.  I’ve been doing my creating in between client work. There is just never enough time!  Here are some pictures of recently completed work.

Red Cotton Sateen Table Runner

Quilt for a first grandchild

Angel Kitty Quilt

I am looking forward to my Open Studio and Sale.  I have a lot to do this week!  Ruthmary Shauer will be bringing her quilts as well.  There are children’s and adult sizes.  She may bring some table runners, too.  In any case, I hope that you will come by and say hello.


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