It’s Snowing!

Well, not really.  I found that I could add falling snow to my blog!  It’s an “extra” little thing that WordPress provides this time of year.  I think that it is very cool.  I grew up in New Hampshire and remember being snowed in for 3 days without power.  We had to cook in the fireplace.  Of course we kids thought that it was so much fun and didn’t mind the snow days- until we had to make them up at the end of the year.

One or twice we had to walk up the logging road ( at least that is what we called it) on Christmas Eve to go to my grandparents’ house, a big farmhouse built in the late 1700’s.  The main road to their house was impassable and there was no hope of ascending the big hill just before the stone wall that marked the eastern boundary of their property.   No matter how many times my Dad would start to accelerate way before the bottom of the hill to gain momentum to carry us over the top, we couldn’t make it.  Even letting us out of the car to lighten the load didn’t help.  The car would get part way up the hill and then slide back down.

Walking in the dark with a hint of moonlight and falling snow was magical and scary at the same time.  It was so quiet you could hear the snow fall.  We sang songs and as we went up the hill we knew that the warmth of a fire and smells of a wonderful feast of Swedish meatballs on fluffy mashed potatoes, herring in sour cream, mashed rutabagas and mashed squash awaited us.  My great grandmother’s heavy cotton hose hung beneath the mantel  to the right of the firebox, almost to the floor, filled with fruit and candy and small gifts, sometimes  a silver dollar in the toe  and always some chocolate money.  The tree was trimmed with antique glass ornaments as well as home made glittered pine cones; when times were difficult the tree itself was pine cut from the abundance of the woods.  Always at the end of the meal we had the same dessert: Swedish Boiled Rice (One never called it rice pudding!) topped with cream and cinnamon.  It’s funny. I never can remember the walk back.  When the roads were finally plowed we could return to collect the presents we had left behind.

It was a tradition in our family for my grandparents to come the next day for Christmas dinner.  Those snowbound  years they could not come to our house, which was located on the back 10 acres of their property that we purchased from them.    I supposed my Mom and Grandmother talked on the phone.  We were too busy playing with our new toys to think about it too much.  Besides, we would see them on New Year’s day when the menu included a clove-studded  ham decorated with pineapple slices and maraschino cherries.  But that is another story.


2 Responses to “It’s Snowing!”

  1. Kathryn Smith Says:

    I loved reading your Christmas at Grandma’s. Christmas here without snow must be very different.
    Another use for your rice bags: After warming in microwave, wrap around large bowl of homemade bread to facility rising!

    Snow flakes are great.
    Merry Christmas


    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thanks, Kathryn. Christmas is different in that respect. As an adult, however, the magic of snow wore off as soon as I had to drive in it. I honestly don’t miss it that much.Great idea for the rice bags! I’ll have to try it some day. Merry Christmas to you too!

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