Made Art!

With the middle of January fast approaching, it’s about time that I posted again!  Time taken to do things like  inventory, making sure I have all my records collated for tax purposes and the general stuff associated with running a small business ( like finishing projects!) takes it’s toll on art-making.  Participating in a monthly art-making challenge  helps.  December’s challenge, Inside/Outside gave me the impetus to finish a small shrine for my Mother  and Grandmother.  The box used to house microscope slides.  I added feet made out of wooden beads, used quilted doodles for the hinge and front and back covers and scanned photos, a thimble, various paints and papers and thread I twisted into a thin cord.  The photos’ dates and my Mom’s and Grandma’s ages are there, as well.  The lace is for my Great Grandmother who, I was told, had to become a lady of the evening at some point to provide for her children, who were sent to live on her sister’s farm.  The thimble is my Grandma’s.  It resides on a foam core “shelf” on my Mother’s side to indicate the passing on of the love of sewing and making things.  The floral paper represents my Grandma’s love of flowers both wild and cultivated.

On Sunday I attended an Art From Family Photos workshop at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center led by Tomye Neal-Madison.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon and I got to make two collages, one of which I may use for the self-portrait challenge for this month.

The twin idea came from my Mom telling me when I was young that I was supposed to be twins.  For a long time, I imagined that my twin had died.  Not until I saw my birth certificate that said “single live birth,” was I reassured that I was not a twin.  My evil twin name is Sarah Jane Clebaspin.  Sarah Jane came out every once in awhile  in a tantrum when she could not stand to be around miss Goody Two Shoes any longer.  Since I am a Libra, to boot I have the  annoyance of over thinking a situation , weighing the pros and cons, ad infinitum added to my dual nature.  Makes it difficult to choose from a menu in a restaurant.

The 1790’s farm house in the background both delights and saddens me for reasons that I choose to keep to myself.  There is a smaller version to the right; duality again.  Good house bad house.  The small photo of me, My mom and my brother didn’t come out very well.  I am wearing the same little sun dress.  It could be the same day or a different one.  Who knows!  In the pictures I am close to 5 years old and I already knew then that I was an artist.  I spent many years hiding from that fact, I guess.  Or perhaps I was not given the feeling that it was OK.   I am 60 now and it is high time that I claim and relish the gift I have been given.


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