ALN Challenge, Among Other Things

A few days ago I started this post and didn’t get to finish it. That day I started a new challenge piece, a self portrait doll.  I decided that even though I have a piece that is pictured below in another post, I wanted to do a specific portrait.  So, this doll will have 2 sides.  I have already pieced the body and made the arms and legs.  I plan to use photos for the faces. I haven’t finished the doll… I did some reorganizing of my studio and put my poly stuffing away in a not-so-easily-accessible place. Today, instead of moving boxes to get at the box with the stuffing, I started another portrait.   I used a paper template of a stylized human form found in the recycle bin. (Someone in the building gets rid of the most amazing stuff!)  It was probably for some kind of sign.  I used it to paper piece another doll; this one will be appliqued to a  small quilt, I think.  No pictures yet.  I do have a couple of  pictures of my latest restoration, though.  It is a 100 year old crazy quilt that I restored, backed and bound. I have a several more restorations to do, another hand quilting project(finished the last one) and two quilts to piece and finish, so I will have to squeeze in playing with  my challenge when I can. I just want to do my challenge piece!  Oh well, I have to put my clients’ work first, right? There has to be time for everything I want to do, including sleep which is where I am going next.  I really wish that I didn’t have to sleep.  It takes up so much of the day.  I might be a tad cranky, though! Hmmm, not so good an idea then.  Until next time, get out there and make some art!!


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