Artist Book-making Workshop

Last Friday night I met with 3 friends and our dream group facilitator to lead an artist book-making workshop. One of our member’s graciously offered her lovely home in the Oakland hills for our meeting. It was quite a shlep up the stairs with the bags of materials that I brought.  Luckily the person I rode with helped me.We  had a potluck dinner that was great and then did a reading and a mini silent meditation (Not my strong suit, but what the heck).  We also looked at the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazines I brought for inspiration as well as my own book upon which the workshop was based.  Then the fun began.  I had prepared the folded pages of the paper (in this case, printing paper strips salvaged from the fabulous recycle bin my studio’s building) with washes of acrylic and Lumiere paints attaching a piece of decorative paper to the covers with matte medium. There were plenty of papers, paint, my handmade fabric beads and decorative threads, paints, pencils, stamps, and stencils for them to let their  creativity have full reign.  I did a couple of demos and was there to help if anyone needed it.  Before I knew it, it was 10:00 p.m. and clean up time.  I took a number of pictures some of which are below.  The rest I will upload to flickr at some point.  Everyone had a good time and completed their books, including binding them.  I would like to do this again, perhaps with the two other friends who couldn’t come to this workshop.

One other thing!  I made a small book at to commemorate the experience.  With the help of a special code through Target, it cost all of $1.99!  I learned a little something about making a book and what not to do next time.

The Artists With Their Books

Elizabeth's Front Cover

Zoe's Front Cover

Cathy's Back Cover

Suzanne's Front Cover


One Response to “Artist Book-making Workshop”

  1. I’m so sorry I missed this. It sounds wonderful. sigh.

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