Another Top Finished and Ready to Quilt

I got back to work again this week.  I am behind a week and it really felt good to get back to creating and attending to my clients’ work.  I have finished a quilt top that is really striking.  I was given the two rectangular blocks, one light and one dark, and had to design a quilt that would allow them to shine. If you have ever worked with blue fabrics before, you know that blues are tricky to match.  There are so many shades.  Just a little bit “off” and it shows.  I went to New Pieces quilt shop and received some expert help in picking fabrics for this quilt.  I used only one solid fabric; the rest are prints that “read” as solid.  Click the photo for a closer look.  I think that it turned out well and that my client will be pleased.  Let me know what you think.  I will post another picture of it after it is quilted.

Client Quilt Top: Blue Half Log Cabin

I’ve almost finished a small quilt (4″X6″)that will be put into the Berkeley Library’s quilt show that starts in Late April.  I just have to bind it.  I hope that some day they will return the exhibit to the North Branch instead of having it in the Central Library.  Larger quilts can be accommodated in the former.  Still, I am glad that they didn’t get do away with it completely.


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