I’m Still Here!

Citrus Flower

Dresden Plate Detail

So I suppose that you have been wondering where I have been.  Deep in my work.  I finally completed  the Dresden Plate hand-quilting project and delivered it last week.  It is the fourth hand-quilting project I have finished and have received another one, this time a Japanese Puzzle quilt.  They just keep coming!  The Dresden Plate quilt took 236 hours to quilt.  Prep, marking and layering took another 16 hours. I also delivered a quilted chuppah for a wedding on the 25th that had to be finished by the 12th.  It was made with fabrics that the family and guests sent and included everything from upholstery fabric to silk scarves (there was even a knitted piece that had to be blocked and mounted onto another fabric).  Using such disparate fabrics in the same piece is  techincally challenging. It was also a challenge to make sure that all the pieces fit together so that the whole piece came out square.  It was too big for my design wall so the picture is not the greatest.  So now I have several restorations and a partially quilted quilt to finish.  My own work has taken a back seat to the above.

Quilted Chuppah

Fortunately our art challenge deadline has been extended until the end of the month.

I thought I would post about some other things as well as what has been occupying my time work-wise.  We have a couple of mourning doves that have made a nest in our apartment’s car port.  They are on their 4th or 5th brood now.  I say hello every morning and evening never knowing if it is the mama or the papa on the nest.  AND the citrus plant can’t remember what kind) that I started from seed in 1976 in a cottage cheese container on the window sill had a flower!  That is only the second time it has flowered.  I am amazed that it is still alive.  I always thought that when I moved into a house, I would plant it in the ground.  Unfortunately that has not happened.  The flower picture was randomly placed at the top.  How does this happen!

Mother and chicks on the nest

Mama, Papa and chick


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