Update on the baby birds

Yesterday as I took out trash, my neighbor pointed to one of the baby doves on the floor near the garbage bins.  The adults were frantic.  It was obvious that the bird was having trouble and was weak.  Its feathers looked out of place  as if it had been mouthed by a dog or cat.  I had to leave, hoping that it would fly back up into the nest.  It’s sibling was nowhere to be seen.  This morning I saw the momma and a baby.  I think, maybe my neighbor put it back.  When I came home there was the momma and baby on the nest.  A fly was buzzing around trying to settle on the now obviously lifeless chick.  The mother was actively pecking at the fly trying to keep it off its baby… or looking for a tasty snack delivered to the nest; who knows?  It makes me sad having watched daily for a glimpse of the hatchlings only recently allowed out from under protective wings.  Such is life.


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