The June Challenge Revealed

Circus Acts

I enjoyed playing around with the idea of a circus act and what that meant to me.  I see the circus as a metaphor for my life.  I tend to go in circles, jump through hoops, and have been known to crack the whip as the occasion demands.  In my childhood  my imagination was my playmate as I tried on different roles,cowboy, Mayan priest, mother to my dolls, teacher, restauranteur (in the latter two my brother played student and diner  respectively until he lost interest), but I never played “circus.”  People from my life are represented here in various guises.  To name them would, in some cases, speak ill of the dead, so, I won’t go there.  Most of all, there is a performer inside me that has struggled to be heard and seen.  Speaking in front of groups has never been my forte which puts her at somewhat of a disadvantage.  The shower walls don’t stare back when her songs are sung.  Will I ever get out of myself?


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