Away Too Long

Passion Flower

Our neighbors have lovely vines growing on their fence next to the gate to our parking area.  The Passion Flower vine is flowering right now.  I could not pass by without taking a picture.  At the end of this post I will attach another of a butterfly on the same vine apparently laying eggs.  Later in  the week I found the butterfly on the cement, dead.  It is sitting in the ash tray in my car, which used to be reserved for my cell phone before it became illegal to use it while driving.  It made me sad to see it lying there as it was so beautiful.  Live, Love, Procreate, Die.  It’s what LIFE does.  Get used to it!

I’ve been away too long.  Life gets in the way of blogging.  I don’t want to blog for the sake of blogging just to keep my presence “out there.”  I had a damn summer cold/sinus thing that still clings to the hope of bringing me low again.  Haven’t quite shaken all of it.  I lost four workdays and that makes me mad.  It is difficult for me to give myself time to just be.  There are all those restorations and quilts to be finished.  There is my own work, my quilts, my books, my art challenges that want attention too.  I savored my illness.  I drank ginger and lemon tea and warmed my chest and nose with my rice bags.  I put my feet up and let the drone of the television lull me to a semi-aware state.  Why must I be forced into taking time to soothe my soul?  I would enjoy the whole process much more if I could breathe and sleep at night.  My goal for the next week is to take time out of every day for myself.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Funny, our art challenge this month is “It’s About Time.”  I chose it.  No mystery there!

Butterfly Captured in a Moment of Time


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