Artist Books

"Red Stripe" Beer Brewing Log, 4 7/16" X 10 3/16"

I have started making books and I love, love, LOVE the process.  Both my son-in -law and a friend are beer brewers.  I think that the graphics on a lot of 6-paks are really wonderful.  This is a perfect way to repurpose these throw-away items.  I just hope that they are useful as I don’t know if the brewers make notes on their brewing processes, successes and occasional failures.  I used ledger paper found in an old hard-cover ledger that I bought at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. The edges are bound with Duct Tape and the stab stitch binding is made with waxed hemp.   Below is a view of the partially-opened book.

Here’s another book that is very much tongue-in -cheek.  I like to have fun!  This one is a craft journal using Kraft paper for the pages.  This is my first attempt at sewing signatures and using first and last pages glued to the covers.  I need some more practice with that as the signatures are a little loose.  Blue Duct Tape finishes off the edges.  Vintage buttons and cording I made from thread form the closure.  Real macaroni are glued to the front.  Have you made any repurposed books such as these?  I would love to see them!

Craft Journal, Closed

Craft Journal, Open


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