Home At Last!

As many of you know, we have been dealing with a life-threatening illness that has kept my focus elsewhere.  My husband is home after finally leaving the hospital on the 57th day.  He’s been home a bit over a week.  I am adjusting as is he.  He is very thankful for  not being awakened in the middle of the night to have blood drawn or his vital signs checked!  The 6 weeks of radiation have ended.  The chemo has ended depending on what the PET scan will show (awaiting approval on that one).  We are hoping for the complete destruction of the tumor in his chest.  He still has a long road to fully recover from the hospital stay.

I have immense gratitude for my friends and relatives who helped me in so many ways while Doug was in the hospital.  Thanks to you, I was able to direct my energies to being with Doug, being his advocate when necessary and filling out paperwork for SS disability ( which we hope he will get sooner rather than the 5 months it could take).  Special thanks to Anne, Sue, Heather, Jessica, Shaun, Derek, Kyle, Jim and Linda, John and Lyn, Luana and Andrew,Clyde and Vickie, Paul and Kim, Meg, Suzanne, Zoe, Mary C, Mary S, Claire, Jenny and anyone else I forgot.  You all know how you made my life easier to bear and bless you for it.

The staff at Alta Bates was phenomenal.  Most of the nurses who took care of Doug were  caring  people who excelled at their jobs.  They answered any questions I had, they educated me as to what all the equipment was , how it worked,  and what the readouts on the monitors showed.  They listened to my concerns and addressed them. They brought me tea and juice when I looked like I needed something.  They also told me to take care of myself and go home!  I finally listened to that one.

Now, my task is to ease back into my work.  I have a restoration to finish that had to be put aside and two small quilts to quilt.  I did manage to finish 2 other quilts this month.  It seems that when I needed to have fewer projects, I got that so I could be there for Doug.  Now I need just the opposite.  I hope somebody is listening!

And, finally, I am behind on my art challenges.  The latest is about people who are in my “tribe.”  I can think of quite a few.  I am ready to make some art again.


3 Responses to “Home At Last!”

  1. All my best wishes, Madelin! Keep on quilting. I hope the new year brings good news.

  2. So glad to hear Doug is home! Hope he is feeling better and better each day.

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