End of the Day

It was a busy day today.  I was taken to lunch at the Berkeley Bowl West’s cafe by my good friend, Anne.  Then I popped by her studio to do a time trade (see the ALN website to the right for an explanation) and to see what new art Anne  has made.  She has been making some very unusual and beautiful resin jewelry lately.  After that I put in several hours working on a Double Wedding Ring quilt getting it to the point where I can do the free-motion quilting.  I have more quilts to work on after this one is done.  I was determined to set some art -related time aside and managed to pull out some materials for Sunday’s annual collage-making extravaganza at our ALN meeting.  I am really looking forward to making a new collage.  I also prepared some paper signatures for a new book.  Tomorrow I will have to put away all of the boxes and bags I dragged out before I can quilt.  Oh well….

After supper I cleaned a whole bag of radishes from the BBW’s  ready to expire bagged veggies that are very inexpensive. Of course I had to break for “Bones,” one of my favorite TV programs.   Then I  made a mushroom, barley and kale soup for tomorrow.  The mushrooms were about 2 lbs. for $.99!  You can’t beat that.  My final task of the evening was to fold 3 loads of laundry.  Now I am going to read more of  “The China Study,”  a book which makes a very convincing argument against eating a “Western” diet implicating the consumption of animal protein as a contributing factor in if not a cause of many of the diseases plaguing modern society.  I highly recommend it.

That’s all she wrote!

Oops!  not quite.  I also found some materials for the latest ALN challenge:  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  This challenge forces us to pick materials that have been discarded or found . Reuse refuse!


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