Quilts in the Library

If you get the chance, visit the Central Branch of the Berkeley, CA Public Library.  The 30th annual quilt show is on now until early June.  There are some wonderful quilts, several of which are “out of the box” creations that use unusual materials like paper,wood, metal and plants.  Shredded bark as a batting in a paper quilt is about as unusual as they come.  Many of the quilts are post card size contained in display cases so you can get a close-up look.

I took a shot of my quilt “Sunshine” draped over my bed.  Sorry that the whole quilt isn’t shown.  I was in a hurry to deliver it and will have to wait until the show is over to take a better one.  My inspiration came from a book on decorative painting.  I started it several years ago and had a much bigger quilt with several borders, pieced and applique´d in mind.  The quilts could be no larger than 36″ square. I needed to finish it in a hurry, so there is minimal quilting.  I will add more later.  I am glad that I completed it in time!


Below is a shot of  a quilt I completed recently.  String quilt blocks are made of many small strips of fabric sewn to a foundation, most commonly newsprint, and in earlier times, muslin.  Plain alternate blocks and sashing set off the string blocks. The more fabrics used, the better.  It’s a great way to use up fabric scraps.

I am working on a client’s T-Shirt quilt for a graduation present and another ALN art challenge altering a city guide-book with 2 folded flip out maps, (I chose Paris).

Detail of String Quilt


4 Responses to “Quilts in the Library”

  1. Hi Madelin! Love the work! Beautiful!

  2. madelincwolf Says:

    Thanks Michelle! Hope you are doing well and getting some spring weather.

  3. Found your string quilt through a Google search for string quilts! Great example of a simple but effective setting 🙂

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thank you Helen! I appreciate the comment. I look forward to visiting your blog to see your quilting!

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