My Latest Quilt

Here is a photo of my latest T-shirt Quilt finished recently for a client’s son’s graduation present.  I had the usual challenge of making the randomly sized shirt parts fit together in a balanced and pleasing manner.  I think that the red binding really sets off the whole quilt.  My client was very happy with the outcome.

T-shirt quilts have unique requirements when compared with woven cotton quilts.  The t-shirt material must first be stabilized with a lightweight fusible interfacing to minimize  distortion while piecing and quilting the  quilt.  Much of the time that it takes to make a quilt of this nature involves the  preparation of the shirts, fusing and designing.  Even though this type of t-shirt quilt is more demanding than a straightforward  block set, I enjoy making it and find it more rewarding from an esthetic point of view.  The best part is seeing the response I get from my client when I show the finished quilt!  That is it’s own reward.



2 Responses to “My Latest Quilt”

  1. I’ve been wanting to make a T-shirt quilt for a long time now. I prob have enough shirts now for 2-3 quilts. My question is about the interfacing. How can I make the shirts keep there shape and avoid possible misshapping from the cotton?

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Mary! To stabilize the t-shirts I use Pellon 906F iron-on interfacing. Cut your shirts up the sides, around the arm seams and across the ribbing. Cut a piece of interfacing to fit the largest area of the shirt front and fuse following the directions. It helps to have a large ironing surface. Then you can cut your quilt blocks. I like to make the pieces different sizes and piece them randomly. Leftover fused pieces can be used to fill in where necessary. Press your seams open for less bulk. Send a link with to a photo of your quilt when it’s done!

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