My Silence

I am sorry to say that I have been away from the blogosphere due to my husband’s very scary trip to the ER and subsequent hospital stay.  Pneumonia and a soft-tissue leg injury are keeping him in recuperation and me on nursing”duty”  ’round the clock.  Hand work in the evening is all I can do for the time being.  I am hoping that the PT and OT will be able to help his leg get better soon.

My computer is on the fritz, so I am using my son’s laptop.  I had pictures ready to post of the latest projects completed, however they are entombed on my hard disk and await resurrection as soon as I can get the computer doc to diagnose the problem.  And just the other week I was thinking how even though it is “old” my computer was still going strong and had enough power for my needs… and maybe I should do a backup anyway. Why does that always happen?

On a lighter note, I am a finalist in the Cloth Paper Scissors “Home Sweet Home” Challenge.  My entry is “My Little Cozy Shack.  Check it out.


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