A Little Show and Tell

Rosemary's Irish Chain Quilt

My latest finished project is Rosemary’s Single Irish Chain quilt destined for a little girl whom she knows.  I was told to do whatever I wanted in terms of how to quilt it. Sometimes I find that daunting and take my time until I find something that just feels right.  This time I found an old Amish pattern that I scaled up to fit in the alternate blocks. Here are pictures of the whole quilt and a detail.


3 Responses to “A Little Show and Tell”

  1. Wow, these are strikingly beautiful. LOVE the quilting.


    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thanks Diane! Rosemary’s quilts are personal and often “sweet.” She is a lovely woman whom I appreciate for her willingness (among other things) to give me free reign to design the quilting.

  2. happy birthday
    as always, love your work

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