What I Did With My Blank Box

Today in between working on my quilting projects and other duties, I finished decorating a box I started several days ago.  I have a large supply of these blank boxes, well mostly bottoms, which come from a ceramic ornament business in my building.  They are perfect canvas for me to do my art.  I use Faber-Castell permanent India Ink pens for  drawing on them.  It is very meditative to just let my brain do what it feels like without trying to over think everything.  FUN!  I plan  to use these to house my small accordion books.  I may even sell them with blank accordion books inside. too.  What do you think?

Inked Box


2 Responses to “What I Did With My Blank Box”

  1. I like them! I think selling them empty or with blank accordion books inside is a great idea!

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thanks, Michelle. I wish I had more tops for the bottoms. I am sure I can figure something out to combine two bottoms. Maybe I can hinge them or insert a sleeve into the inside made of a heavyweight paper or lightweight cardboard. Right now I am only interested in making the outsides.

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