My New Plan/Word for 2012

OK, so it is another year.  I have decided that this blogging thing requires more attention than I have been giving it.  Intentions are great, but blogs don’t write themselves!  While my life is in turmoil as my husband battles cancer, a few minutes blogging won’t make a difference.  So, I have decided to commit to writing a post a week.  Consider this post #1, slightly behind.  I may not add photos for every post and a post may be  short.  I won’t agonize over content only over being consistent; showing up each week. As I write this I am watching Julie & Julia and can’t believe that it is 2:25!  Seems appropriate.

And now, my  word for the year.  I have decided to keep last year’s word: FEARLESS  and add  ACTION.  Fearless action!  They go well together.  So, 2012 will bring more art making, less hesitation and more DO IT NOW WHILE I AM THINKING ABOUT WHATEVER ‘IT’ IS.  I am hoping that by the time 52 weeks are over, I will have succeeded in my endeavors.


2 Responses to “My New Plan/Word for 2012”

  1. I’m late in replying, but I like your thoughts here. You go!

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