Another T-shirt Quilt Done!

T-shirt Memory Quilt


At last!  I delivered this quilt to a very patient client on Tuesday.  She was thrilled to receive it.  I had made one last year for her brother for his Christmas present and would have finished hers a lot sooner had my husband’s cancer not reared it’s ugly head again.  It is a memory quilt containing not only her t-shirts but her mother’s blouses as well.  This type of t-shirt quilt is very challenging.  Going up and down the step stool from the design wall to the sewing machine, the ironing board and back up the stool is also great exercise!  Now, on to the next one.


2 Responses to “Another T-shirt Quilt Done!”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I guess she was happy!I love quilts, they become so very personal and it is truly goodies for a creative soul…
    You know, about analog photos with film, that is a unique feeling too, worthwile everything! And don’t feel “newbie”, just Trust the Process! =)
    Have a wonderful day!

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thanks for the “comment love” as Kim says. I’ll try trusting the process. Even though my digital camera is not a SLR, it does do a LOT more than point and shoot. I have not fully explored it’s potential. Someday….

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