Five Facts Friday

Five facts about ME?  Let’s see….

I love to read science fiction and historical novels.

I love to watch science fiction movies and TV series, even bad ones!

I have seven grand kids.

I love to bake bread.

I have way too much fabric.

Thanks Kim and Xanthe for keeping in touch with your BTSers!!  This is a great idea!



8 Responses to “Five Facts Friday”

  1. hello lovely you….. i’m so glad you joined in….. determination is a good thing… you are amazing…..

    and i would love to taste your bread. 🙂 i’m sending you huge hugs…and lotsa love….

    xo, Kim

    p.s. i fixed the spelling…. 🙂

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thank you, Kim! I need and appreciate any kind of hugs I can get. Thanks for the correction, too. I’m glad I joined in ,too. I needed have a wee break from it all. 🙂 Madelin

  2. Great list! I am with you on your 2nd point. Although I didn’t mention on my list I also love science fiction movies and tv series 🙂

  3. Madelin ~ another life parallel! I love to bake bread ~ a recipe going back three generations to my great-grandmother. No breadmaker, no dough hooks…all by hand and I use Sapphire flour ONLY. 🙂 Would you believe I just watched The Blob for the first time a couple of weeks ago? With my grandson, no less…FUN LIST!


  4. Would love to see your fabric stash….and homemade bread…yum!

  5. 7 grandchildren! wow, that would be fun. I’m going to have to jump on the 5 fact friday wagon 🙂

  6. I have a fabric stash I take it out and touch it then put it back again lol and baking bread so soothing …..

  7. Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy Says:

    Oh, I haven’t baked bread in years! Fabulous five facts!

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