The Battle is Over

On August 1 at 6:25 pm, my dear husband Doug passed away from cancer after a long fight.  His passing was peaceful.  He just stopped breathing. The word surreal comes to mind when I think of his last few days. The five hour seizure on Saturday was the final blow that he could not recover from.  I have so many feelings inside, sorrow, relief, and still some anger.  I had a long time to process the fact that he was going to die.  I felt myself pulling away in spite of my love for him. I don’t think that he truly believed it.  His sons are having a hard time expressing their grief.  He had many friends who loved him and will have a hard time dealing with his loss.   There will be a celebration of his life next month, most likely.

On a technical note:  This is a scan of my favorite photo of him.  I tried for 2+ hours to clean up the imperfections in the photo and succeeded!  Twice Photoshop crapped out when I tried to save my edits.  Probably something I did wrong, but it’s pretty hard to freeze a MAC, at least in my experience.  I wanted the perfect photo.  Of course we are all here on this earth with our imperfections.  Doug was no exception.  So, I am going to forgive myself for not having the perfect photo of him to share with you.

Rest in peace, my beloved.


7 Responses to “The Battle is Over”

  1. I was just opening my iPad to have a moment for myself to relax and read your post , my month open never closed until I was finish to read you beautiful word, oh I know I don’t know you but I just wanted to express to you how I am praying for you, your children , family and friends, today and tomorrow! No, Mac don’t crash like that,… Doug, ( if I can call him by is name) probably hate that photo, and try to make you choose a different one….

  2. I am so so very sorry. Many hugs and thoughts going your way.

  3. Madelin, I truly am sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine the mix of emotions that you must be experiencing. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

  4. My sympathy and love to you, Madelin.

  5. madelincwolf Says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt comments. I so appreciate the response and the prayers I have received from people I do not even know. I am blessed to be a part of this community of such creative people. Thank you so much!

  6. Madelin what a wonderful post, your love for your husband shines through your words he will always be with you …….

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thank you. The picture was taken during our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas before it got to be a hot destination. Yes, he will always be with me. You’ve all been so kind; my heart swells with gratitude for the outpouring of sympathy.

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