Finally, a Photo!

Well, I fell off the radar for awhile  due to what I assumed was a problem with my aging Mac.  My Photoshop CS kept quitting on me and I was unable to save any editing that I had done (Photoshop 7 has a program error and won’t even open). Bummer, big time.  I did some research on the issue and have done what I could within the limits of what I have to work with.  No disk came with this computer when I bought it at the Used Computer Store, here in Berkeley.  What was I thinking, you might ask?  Getting a computer for less than it would cost to fix the old one.  So, I ran the disk utility program Verify,and it said my hard disk seemed to be OK.  I verified my permissions and a bunch needed fixing;I fixed them. I desperately wanted to try a Kim Klassen texture, to play with the photo.   Rather than tempt fate, the only thing I did was resize the photo. Joy of joys, I didn’t lose it!

It was taken near my studio at Urban Adamah, a garden that raises vegetables and a few chickens, had summer classes for kids, and gives the food away to those who need it.  I could barely see the flower on the screen due to the sunlight ( I have a Kodak Z1485 ) and didn’t even see the bee loaded with pollen.  It’s fairly sharp, too.  Who knew?


One Response to “Finally, a Photo!”

  1. Sarah Huizenga Says:

    Lovely photo. Hopefully things with your computer are on the mend 🙂

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