Word, Week 4

How time flies!  This weekly word thing gives me barely any time to concentrate on the word.  TIME  is always a word with which I struggle.  I always include a clock, or watch face in every collage I make. I never have enough time to do everything I want to do.  I make lists and barely get a third of the things accomplished.  A we age time does indeed appear to move more swiftly; it is a proven scientific fact, as if I needed that information to confirm what I already experience!

As I wait for the results of Friday’s test, I wonder even more about my time here and how much I have left.  I spent the last three days cleaning and purging books I can do without and culling the books my husband left behind, not being ready to part with some of his favorites, many of which I have read.  In the grand scheme of things is the time spent on the two-year-old dust that I got rid of important?  Yes.  Did I like having to spend my time doing that instead of making art, or visiting with a friend? Not so much, although it does give me a certain pleasure to see grime gone because it IS so much more noticeable than every-day cleaning.

As I contemplate TIME in all it’s many manifestations and implications in my life, I will stop, smell the flowers, look at a beautiful sunset, visit with my grandkids and try not to worry so much.  After all, worrying is a big waste of time.


4 Responses to “Word, Week 4”

  1. Great post. One I can relate to. I too am awaiting test results and have more tests scheduled. These do put time into a different perspective. Offering prayers for great test results.

  2. Zoe Newman Says:

    Hi Madelin, resonated, and inspired by your blog. When do you get your results? with love, Zoe

  3. I hate waiting for results… as you said it puts life in perspective doesn’t it ? Hope all is well ….

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