Word, Week 5

This week has started getting away from me.  I still have a bit of worrying going on.  Still no results; seems that results no longer automatically get faxed to the Dr. from the testing facility.  One needs to sign a release form.  Which I did.  By the time my appointment was over, still nothing; she’ll call me.  UGH!

I digress. Back to the purpose of this post: my word for the week.  This week’s word is GRATITUDE.  In spite of the fact that I have not heard from my Dr., I am grateful that I have one.  I am grateful for my family and friends who were of immense support during my husband’s illness and after he passed away.  They continue to care about me and give me even more support when I am low.  I am grateful for my artistic talent which needs tending and nurturing so that I believe myself an artist. I am grateful for the wonderful people I have “met” online.  I am grateful that I am alive and can see the beauty around me.  An awesome sunset this week made my heart sing.  I am grateful for a free 4 hour painting class my friend is hosting on Friday.  I am so grateful that I am self-employed and can make my own hours so I can take advantage of  things like this!

During the week I tend to forget what word I have picked so this week I am going to put it on a card where I can see it.

If you feel so moved, please share a moment of gratitude with us. I know I would like to hear some feel-good moments!


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