Word, Week 7

The weeks of this year are really flying by.  I am always amazed at how fast time does pass.  It was a tough week.  Tomorrow I will have another procedure and I am not looking forward to it.  But to the task at hand… a word.  This week’s word is ACCEPTANCE which is something that I practice almost every day.  I am slowly realizing that I need to accept what life has given me and move on, grow and remember that nothing is permanent.  A foul mood, happiness, sorrow, wealth, poverty, health, illness; everything that we know, have and do can change in an instant.  Choosing to change our perspective is another matter as it requires an active commitment.  I can choose to wallow in self pity or I can make art.  I can make art about wallowing in self pity, or I can make art that makes me happy and touches my heart with color and light.  At this point in time they are equally compelling.  I accept that I am an artist.  I accept that everything takes time and sometimes it seems like forever.  I also accept compliments which has taken me all my life to be comfortable with.  Now, I smile and say, “Thank you!”  No more negative, self-deprecating remarks allowed.  And now, I am accepting the fact that sleep is necessary and will come if I read long enough.  So, I bid you adieu.




2 Responses to “Word, Week 7”

  1. Acceptance is sometimes all we have, so it is good to embrace it. yes make art that fulfills you at the moment.

  2. Tomorrow is devoted to making art. I really need this at the moment! Thanks for your comment.

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