Word-Week 11

A few days ago, I finished putting the binding on a quilt and put it in a bag to take home to finish along with a hand -quilting project.  I put the bag on my table.  I had to make two trips out to the car with all the stuff I was bringing home that day.  When I got home and opened the trunk, I realized the bag was still on the table.  I had forgotten it.  And the word of the week is… FORGETFULNESS!

People say that I am under stress living my first year of widowhood.  My mind is distracted. I have difficulty doing things that are demanding my attention, like taxes, for example.  The truth is that I have had this problem of forgetting things for a long time, maybe all my life.  It just seems more pronounced now.  I have used the phrase, “I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached” many a time in my life.  Am I on the road to Alzheimer’s? Creeping senility (I’ve always liked that one)?  Or, is there just too much stuff up there in my brain to go through before getting the right answer?  I don’t know.  It’s maddening to have a word, or long time friend’s name on the tip of one’s tongue and not be able to access it. Or, what was that movie that starred that actress, you know, the one whose name I always forget…. Of course, nine times out of ten the answer pops up an an odd moment. Like 2 a.m. when I am trying to get to sleep!  At least that gives me hope that I am not losing my mind after all!


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