Mixed Media Stitch Finalist!

Before I injured my back, I made a piece for the Cloth Paper Scissors “Mixed-Media Stitch” challenge.  I found out yesterday that I am one of the finalists.! I will send in my entry and, hopefully will be included in an upcoming issue of CPS magazine.  This really was an uplifting piece of news.  This piece represents the healing I have been doing over the past year.  I am not finished yet, but my heart is healing.  I used a quilted practice piece, folded tea bags, embroidery, a gold Lumiere paint wash and a cardboard heart with glued-on eggshells colored with Adirondack Alcohol Inks. the twig is coriander painted red.  I enjoyed creating this piece and look forward to doing more eggshell mosaic art pieces.

My Healing Heart

My Healing Heart

My Healing Heart Closeup

My Healing Heart Closeup


4 Responses to “Mixed Media Stitch Finalist!”

  1. Madelin – This is wonderful! Yes, healing takes time but there’s nothing like “art” therapy! I think of you often!

  2. This is a beautiful piece in its own right — and more than deserving of winning! — but even more so for what it represents…a heart mending and filling with love again.

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thanks Sherry. It would be nice to see my piece published. Being a finalist gives me a rush none the less. I love challenges! any excuse is a good excuse to make art.

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