One Month and Counting

I wish I could say that my back problem is a thing of the past.  Such is not the case.  Pain is such an all-consuming, life-eroding presence in my life.  It is not well controlled.  Waiting for approval for an MRI and PT appointment is, literally, agony.  Because I am not improving any more, I am worried that irreparable nerve damage is occurring.

I hate being dependent.  I hate the way my pain makes me short-tempered and crabby and depressed. I hate that I can’t be in my studio working.   Will I have this pain forever?  Will I be disabled?  Can’t I just grin and bear it making the best of a bad situation? No.  Today is crap.  Maybe I will feel better about it all tomorrow.  One can only hope.


2 Responses to “One Month and Counting”

  1. Madelin – I am so sorry for your pain and the delay that the health system puts on your receiving any relief. My husband has dealt with chronic pain…weaned himself off of his pain medication when he found out his pain management doctor was a pill mill with no plan to get him off pain meds…and the doctor has been criminally charged of rape and sexual assault with multiple women of whom were his patients. Holding you close…

    • Thank you for your comment. I am improving bit by bit in spite of the delays. Your horror story made me cringe. Glad to hear that your DH was able to get off the pain meds. Thank you for caring.

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