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Summertime! I am going strong on my many projects: working on the second draft of my novel (YAY!), making art for my NCWCA  Art Tag group adventure. This round’s theme is Germination. I’m also co-facilitating a 12 x 12 group with a couple months to go.

I hope you are enjoying your summer and whatever you are passionate about whether that is making things, writing, photographing, blogging or just being happy to be alive. You deserve to have the life you want. Make it happen! What have you got to lose?

If you are considering hiring me to finish your project or restore your quilt, be sure to check out the discount page at the right. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your project.


2 Responses to “Latest News”

  1. Hello, Madelin, I saw you last year about a quilt I have that needs some repair. You gave me the name of a woman in the Bay area who cleans these antique quilts. I promptly lost the paper with her info. Can you please send it to me via wordpress? I hope your New Year is better than last year for you, and that you are being mindful in each moment!

    • madelincwolf Says:

      Thank you!
      Her name is Karen Stern
      1625 Shattuck Ave
      Berkeley, CA 94709
      b/t Cedar St & Lincoln St in Gourmet Ghetto, North Berkeley

      Phone number (510) 548-2267
      Business website
      Please tell her I referred you.

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