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Fabulous Friday Finds

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Well, on the West coast it is still before midnight, therefore, I still have time to post my FFF’s!  Today’s offering is all about my love of paper and books.  People discard the most wonderful things.  A few weeks ago I came across these book plates. There was a huge box of several different kinds near the dumpster at my friend Anne’s studio.  I took what I thought was a lot, she took some.  When I brought them home I got the idea to make pads of paper for notes.  I used PVA glue thinly applied to the top edge of a clamped set of papers.  It worked!  I will also use some of the images for collage or ?, too.  I went back the next day to see if I could snag the rest, but they were gone.  The book about  Holman Hunt was found by Anne near the same dumpster.  She gave it to me!  What a sweet thing to do.  It has some beautiful color plates inside.  Before I alter it or cut it up, I feel compelled to read it.  I was taught to respect books.  Do you have trouble defacing, or cutting up books like I do?  I’ll just have to get over it!

Fabulous Friday Finds 2

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Here is the latest in my FFF series.  This is a compilation of recent and not-so-recent finds that are intriguing to me.  My favorites of this bunch are the single earring without the hook and the rusty piece of what looks like hammered iron. The copper rings were found in the bathroom during a remodel, in the building where my studio is located.  The battered princess bracelet was found in the parking lot at El Cerrito Plaza, I think. In any case, I am going to have fun putting these elements into a mixed media piece.  Do you pick up random shiny bits on the street?  Have you used them in a mixed media piece?  Add a comment with a link so we can see what you’ve made with YOUR Fabulous Friday Finds!