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One Year Later

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August 1 marked the date that my husband passed away last year.  I can’t believe that it has been that long.  I still miss him so much! It is getting easier  to think of him without getting really down.  In the days leading up to the first, I did have some flashbacks.  Mostly, though I remember the good things that we shared.  I suppose that this next year will be easier still.

On another note, I am getting back into my  studio working on client projects once again.  Having my own brush with a little bit of cancer has galvanized my desire to give my art a greater part in my life.  I believe that it is possible to do both my business and my art. That is the plan anyway.

I am so seriously behind on my weekly words it’s not funny.  Hope to catch up with that soon.

Right now, I have some back trouble that needs to be resolved for me to be fully engaged in my life.  I just hope that it won’t be something that is chronic and unfixable.  That would really be a bummer.  So, that’s it for now… time to ice.

The Battle is Over

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On August 1 at 6:25 pm, my dear husband Doug passed away from cancer after a long fight.  His passing was peaceful.  He just stopped breathing. The word surreal comes to mind when I think of his last few days. The five hour seizure on Saturday was the final blow that he could not recover from.  I have so many feelings inside, sorrow, relief, and still some anger.  I had a long time to process the fact that he was going to die.  I felt myself pulling away in spite of my love for him. I don’t think that he truly believed it.  His sons are having a hard time expressing their grief.  He had many friends who loved him and will have a hard time dealing with his loss.   There will be a celebration of his life next month, most likely.

On a technical note:  This is a scan of my favorite photo of him.  I tried for 2+ hours to clean up the imperfections in the photo and succeeded!  Twice Photoshop crapped out when I tried to save my edits.  Probably something I did wrong, but it’s pretty hard to freeze a MAC, at least in my experience.  I wanted the perfect photo.  Of course we are all here on this earth with our imperfections.  Doug was no exception.  So, I am going to forgive myself for not having the perfect photo of him to share with you.

Rest in peace, my beloved.