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The last couple of days give me hope.  I have been improving in spite of waiting for tests.  I am in less pain and able to walk some without the walker.  I finally got an appointment for an MRI… on November 1!  Wonder how much more I will have improved by then.  I am so anxious to get back to normal.  Working, cooking, walking… the list goes on.


WORD Week 18

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Another week has gone by.  I have an appointment next Wednesday with the Dr. who will perform my surgery and I am not looking forward to it.  My therapist told me that I need some distractions so that I won’t keep going to that dark place where I dwell on my fears and feel paralyzed.  I told him that TV was working somewhat.  He suggested that I do something more than that. Like walking, for one thing.  So, that’s the word this week: DISTRACTION.

My first instinct is to say that I must face this head on and not put my head in the sand.  Perhaps that would work well for someone who does not worry about everything in the world that could go wrong when it comes to any disagreeable situation one has to face.  Therein lies the dilemma. Will the information I find fuel my fears or defuse them?  I want to find out everything there is to know about this operation; I watched a couple of You Tube videos and surprisingly, that calmed me a bit. The operation using the da Vinci machine seemed to proceed better than the regular laparoscopic surgery.  Of course it all depends on the skill of the Dr.  I will have many questions.

As far as DISTRACTION goes, last month I participated in NaNoWriMo’s set-your-own-word-count, write-what-you-want extravaganza.  I made my 10,0000 words and got my certificate.  I also have just about finished my 3′ x 3′ quilt for the Annual  Berkeley Public Library Quilt Show which starts on May 8, coincidentally.  I have been trying and buying new hot sauces at Heat Hot Sauce Shop here in Berkeley: ( ).   I love hot food!  While I am on this food thing, I distract myself at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market stopping by Flacos Tacos( most Saturdays for their  Banana Leaf Tamal with hot sauce, of course.  It is such a wonderful combination of flavors and is vegetarian, although you wouldn’t know it.  Wow, I guess I am pretty good at DISTRACTIONalready!  Who knew?

WORD Week 17

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A bit early this week!  Well, chalk that up to being home instead of in my studio.  I have tailored my most of my words to what is happening in my life so why stop now?  This weeks word is KNOWING.  All of us who have lived awhile know certain things.  We have experience, sometimes even wisdom.  Having knowledge is different than knowing.  Knowing comes from the gut or the heart, knowledge from the brain.  So what is this all leading up to?  I had a gut feeling and even knew in my heart that my report ( a preliminary report to be finalized later today) would not be good.  It isn’t devastating news, yet.  However, I will need an operation to prevent worse things happening.  So, today, I am home, processing what I was told and what I am facing.  I know that my family and friends will be supportive.  That is all I can ask for, oh, and a good outcome, of course, not to mention that I would like to win Powerball as long as I’m asking for stuff here!  If I don’t keep my humor, what do I have?

Word, Week 10 (Late!)

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In spite of all the health issues and my grief work, this week’s word is EXCITEMENT.  YES!  Something positive for a change.  Tonight is the CreativiTea opening at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley.  Three of my pieces have been chosen to be in the show and I am very excited to go see them as well as the other pieces.  It’s going to be a fun show and I encourage everyone who is in the area to attend.  It will be up until April 7.  I had a lot of fun making two teacozies out of tea papers and one from the foil packets the bags come in.  I got lost in the process and technical issues to overcome, which was a relief from all the doom and gloom of late. That’s it from the left side of the USA.  What are you excited about?  I would love to hear, so leave a comment!

Word, Week 9

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I was all set to post a positive word.  Oh well… This week’s word is DEPRESSION.  I am not talking clinical depression.  I have not gone there yet. I am talking about getting inconclusive test results and needing to see a specialist and probably having more tests. One of my daughters needs a followup test, too.  I’ve had more weepiness when I think that I ought to be getting better grief-wise.  I just feel down.  Can’t I catch a break? Is it all downhill from here?  I sure hope not.

Word, Week 3

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Well, week three’s word almost escaped me.  My mind has been focused on other things, like the ultrasound I will have tomorrow afternoon.  Drinking 32 oz. of water beforehand is going to be a challenge!

So, what’s the word? Hmmm, I think that this week’s word is AWARENESS.  I have been getting some Alexander Technique for 2 weeks now, which has to do with proper body alignment and movement.  We do so many things without awareness.  How often do you think about how you sit or stand up?  I didn’t think about it at all.  It’s a natural thing, right?  I still forget to pay attention most of the time.  I feel awkward when I practice the proper way to sit like I am going to fall forward.  I will get the hang of it and someday it will all seem natural and I won’t be aware again!

So the rest of this week, besides the Alexander exercises, I will try to be aware of what is happening around me, what I am feeling, what is happening in the lives of those I love.  Generally, when I walk I am aware of my surroundings, stopping to “smell the flowers” or look at a particularly interesting bit of sidewalk where I see the outline of the state of Indiana or an airplane (visuals would be nice here, huh?).  I drink the blue sky and hear birdsong in my heart.  Even urban ugliness, grime and trash contain bits of beauty if one looks hard enough.

I am sure tomorrow I will be painfully aware of the results of drinking all that water in order to be aware of the results.  Wish me luck!

Word, Week 2

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So, a week has gone by and I have tried to put my word into practice.  Adding a new word will be a challenge this week!  I want to explore my first word more.  Never mind.  So, this week my word is  PATIENCE.  I have lots when it comes to dealing with other people’s issues, not so much my own.  This week I am waiting to see if my health care provider can set up an appointment for a diagnostic test I need earlier than February 12.  I hope that I won’t have to be patient for that long!  There’s nothing more vexing than worrying about the unknown.

I am being patient with myself in terms of my reluctance to go through my husband’s things.  I have to do it, of course.  Somehow it feels wrong to take his jeans off the hook on the back of the bedroom door where he had placed them.  At some point I will be ready.  At some point it won’t be so difficult.  I patiently wait for that time to come.