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Word: Weeks 12 and 13

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What can I say?  I got a bad cold last week and it required bed rest and liberal amounts of fluids and zinc lozenges.  No work, no fun, and lots of tissues.  In any case, being late with week 12 and slightly late with week 13 requires me to do a twofer.  So, here they are: HOPE  and CHANGE.  I use the word hope a lot; hope you are doing well, hope you can come, hope that I don’t have cancer, etc.  I think I overuse it and struggle to find alternatives.  All in all, I am a hopeful person and feel that without hope the world would be a dismal place.  Ah, change.  I have trouble with that one.  I don’t like things to change, especially abruptly.  Give me some time to get used to the new whatever.  I appreciate the gradual evolution of events or ideas not the oops life-has-thrown-me-a-curve-ball-I’d-better-get-used-to-it-fast kind of situation.  It’s a flaw that plagues me and causes waves of anxiety and the inability to act sometimes.  However, act I do and usually I come out on top and am relieved and proud that I have overcome my inadequacy.  So, how shall I connect the two words?  Powerball comes to California on April 8… I hope I win so I can change a few things in my life and in the lives of others.  Enough said!

Update: Since I didnt consult my list of words used before writing this post, I didn’t remember that I had already used HOPE.  I told you I use the word a lot!

Word-Week 11

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A few days ago, I finished putting the binding on a quilt and put it in a bag to take home to finish along with a hand -quilting project.  I put the bag on my table.  I had to make two trips out to the car with all the stuff I was bringing home that day.  When I got home and opened the trunk, I realized the bag was still on the table.  I had forgotten it.  And the word of the week is… FORGETFULNESS!

People say that I am under stress living my first year of widowhood.  My mind is distracted. I have difficulty doing things that are demanding my attention, like taxes, for example.  The truth is that I have had this problem of forgetting things for a long time, maybe all my life.  It just seems more pronounced now.  I have used the phrase, “I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached” many a time in my life.  Am I on the road to Alzheimer’s? Creeping senility (I’ve always liked that one)?  Or, is there just too much stuff up there in my brain to go through before getting the right answer?  I don’t know.  It’s maddening to have a word, or long time friend’s name on the tip of one’s tongue and not be able to access it. Or, what was that movie that starred that actress, you know, the one whose name I always forget…. Of course, nine times out of ten the answer pops up an an odd moment. Like 2 a.m. when I am trying to get to sleep!  At least that gives me hope that I am not losing my mind after all!

Word, Week 10 (Late!)

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In spite of all the health issues and my grief work, this week’s word is EXCITEMENT.  YES!  Something positive for a change.  Tonight is the CreativiTea opening at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley.  Three of my pieces have been chosen to be in the show and I am very excited to go see them as well as the other pieces.  It’s going to be a fun show and I encourage everyone who is in the area to attend.  It will be up until April 7.  I had a lot of fun making two teacozies out of tea papers and one from the foil packets the bags come in.  I got lost in the process and technical issues to overcome, which was a relief from all the doom and gloom of late. That’s it from the left side of the USA.  What are you excited about?  I would love to hear, so leave a comment!

Word, Week 9

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I was all set to post a positive word.  Oh well… This week’s word is DEPRESSION.  I am not talking clinical depression.  I have not gone there yet. I am talking about getting inconclusive test results and needing to see a specialist and probably having more tests. One of my daughters needs a followup test, too.  I’ve had more weepiness when I think that I ought to be getting better grief-wise.  I just feel down.  Can’t I catch a break? Is it all downhill from here?  I sure hope not.

Word, Week 8

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This week’s word is HOPE.  I tend to use this word a lot. “I hope things are going well;  I hope that my test results are good;  I hope for positive news about my daughter’s test;  I hope that I will be able to afford my studio for a long time; I hope I can fix my computer’s issues so I can edit and save my photos and begin posting them again!”  Hope keeps us going in the face of adversity.  Without hope, I would not have been able to sustain the necessary level of caregiving during my husband’s cancer treatment.  We hope for better futures, for the lives of our children to be better than ours, or at least not worse.  We hope for peace.  We hope that the nations and people of the world will realize that we have to address the threat of climate change now!  We have many hopes, both lofty and mundane.  What are your hopes?  Please leave a comment if you are so inclined.

What’s it worth?

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Here’s food for thought regarding the cost and worth of quilts!

What’s it worth?.

Word, Week 7

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The weeks of this year are really flying by.  I am always amazed at how fast time does pass.  It was a tough week.  Tomorrow I will have another procedure and I am not looking forward to it.  But to the task at hand… a word.  This week’s word is ACCEPTANCE which is something that I practice almost every day.  I am slowly realizing that I need to accept what life has given me and move on, grow and remember that nothing is permanent.  A foul mood, happiness, sorrow, wealth, poverty, health, illness; everything that we know, have and do can change in an instant.  Choosing to change our perspective is another matter as it requires an active commitment.  I can choose to wallow in self pity or I can make art.  I can make art about wallowing in self pity, or I can make art that makes me happy and touches my heart with color and light.  At this point in time they are equally compelling.  I accept that I am an artist.  I accept that everything takes time and sometimes it seems like forever.  I also accept compliments which has taken me all my life to be comfortable with.  Now, I smile and say, “Thank you!”  No more negative, self-deprecating remarks allowed.  And now, I am accepting the fact that sleep is necessary and will come if I read long enough.  So, I bid you adieu.