You have a quilt that you would like me to quilt, or restore.  What do I expect of you?

If you make an appointment for a consultation, please let me know if you have to reschedule or change your mind.  Things happen.  I won’t bite your head off.

Please check your quilt top for construction problems, trim threads and any seams that could “shadow” on the front of your quilt, press it and your backing fabric.

Make sure that your  backing and batting are four to six inches longer and wider than your top.

Please make sure that your top, backing and batting are square.  This is very important.  If I have to do this, it will add to your cost.

Be prepared to discuss quilting ideas and your budget.  I can usually find a way to accommodate your needs.

Likewise, restorations can be accomplished in stages and repairs can be made in a variety of ways to fit your budget.

Please let me know if you have pets. I am allergic to cats and dogs and will have to make some physical adjustments before I work on your quilt.


What can you expect from me?

I will treat your project with as much care as I would if it were my own.

I will tell you if I think that your quilt is too far gone to restore and give you alternatives.

I will notify you of any problems I encounter and what can be done.

I will let you know if I am unable to make the due date and give you an idea of when you can expect completion.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.





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