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Fabulous Friday Finds

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Well, on the West coast it is still before midnight, therefore, I still have time to post my FFF’s!  Today’s offering is all about my love of paper and books.  People discard the most wonderful things.  A few weeks ago I came across these book plates. There was a huge box of several different kinds near the dumpster at my friend Anne’s studio.  I took what I thought was a lot, she took some.  When I brought them home I got the idea to make pads of paper for notes.  I used PVA glue thinly applied to the top edge of a clamped set of papers.  It worked!  I will also use some of the images for collage or ?, too.  I went back the next day to see if I could snag the rest, but they were gone.  The book about  Holman Hunt was found by Anne near the same dumpster.  She gave it to me!  What a sweet thing to do.  It has some beautiful color plates inside.  Before I alter it or cut it up, I feel compelled to read it.  I was taught to respect books.  Do you have trouble defacing, or cutting up books like I do?  I’ll just have to get over it!


Round Robin Book Spread

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Spread for Anne

Last week we had our Artist Leadership Network meeting.  We are swapping small blank books with each other every month.  This is the spread that I did for my friend Anne.  The Buddha face  is from one of her postcards used with her permission.  I love her artwork!  you can see her artwork at .  The fold at the bottom can be flipped down to see more writing.  We are having a great time working in each other’s books.  I highly recommend this form of art play!

Giveaway Items and Quilting Finished

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Giveaway #1

These are the giveaway items won by Sara C. of Scrapbasket in my first ever Giveaway.  I just thought that you might like to see them in their finished state.  Sara, as it happens, is a fellow quilter and creative type whom I have known for  quite a number of years.  Her quilts are a mix of traditional and contemporary and everything in between.  She has an eye for color and imaginative use of prints.  In fact, I just finished quilting one of her quilts last week shown below.  Now, don’t get the idea that the drawing was rigged.  In truth, I know many of my subscribers personally.  Who knows, one of you whom I don’t know could be next.  Let’s see those comments!

Sara’s Africa Quilt

And The Winner Is…

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First of all, thanks to everyone who subscribes to my blog!  I plan to run more give aways in 2012, so stay tuned.

And now, drumroll please!!  Congratulations! The winner of the Coffee Cup Holder and a beautiful, inked  Book Box complete with a blank accordion book inside is Scrapbasket.  

Please get in touch with me within 5 days to arrange receipt of your gift.   (If I don’t hear from you , another name will be drawn)  I will post a photo after delivery so as not to spoil the surprise.

Winner was chosen by random drawing.

Another Box

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Another Box for a Book

Today, after having getting to the studio I set my timer for 15 minutes.  I needed to add to the sides of the box lid to have my idea complete.  These boxes have a life of their own.  I find that when I allow my mind to play with the pen without much serious thought, wonderful images happen, mostly.  My previous box was not so successful, but I had a good time doing it.  When I tire of the outsides, I may just begin to make the books that will dwell within.

What I Did With My Blank Box

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Today in between working on my quilting projects and other duties, I finished decorating a box I started several days ago.  I have a large supply of these blank boxes, well mostly bottoms, which come from a ceramic ornament business in my building.  They are perfect canvas for me to do my art.  I use Faber-Castell permanent India Ink pens for  drawing on them.  It is very meditative to just let my brain do what it feels like without trying to over think everything.  FUN!  I plan  to use these to house my small accordion books.  I may even sell them with blank accordion books inside. too.  What do you think?

Inked Box

It’s About Time!

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Altered Book Spread

ALN challenge: It's About Time

Deadlines come and deadlines go.  I am always glad when they are extended.  Our Artist Leadership Network challenge for July, picked by me, dealt with our feelings about time.  Never enough, rushed,finding time, making time, time out, all out of time: the list goes on.  I chose to do a two page “spread” in a very old book whose pages are oxidized and starting to crumble.  I picked various words from the text and made “found” poetry. Crayon, Pigma pen, Sharpie and gesso were used and then the collage elements were added.  I am pleased with how my first altered book spread turned out!