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It’s time for a lot of things in my life to change.  Spring has always been a time for me to make, or attempt to make changes in my life.  This year signals that changes in physical activity and a revamped eating plan are in order.  After two bouts of forced inactivity last year, I have lost a certain amount of fitness, which was not that good to begin with.  Exercise for the sake of exercise alone has been one of my life-long dislikes.  More so that it takes away time for other more cerebral pursuits than an inherent dislike of moving my body.  Alas, now it is necessary to forgo the reluctance to spend time on this pursuit and get with it.  Walking is my choice.  Aiming for the advised goal of 30 minutes a day is what I am committing to.  Wish me luck!

Another biggie is getting a new computer.  I am frustrated with my current computer and want a new MAC.  I’ve thought of fixing my other old G5… new power supply and mother board (new RAM did nothing).  I would spend less money but would it be worth it?  This problem has caused me to stop blogging and that is definitely something I want to change.  Everyone keeps telling me to just get a cheaper PC and be done with it.  I am in a quandary not sure which way to go.  So, I am almost through with this post and so far Safrari hasn’t quit yet. Woo hoo!  More will be revealed.


Word: Weeks 12 and 13

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What can I say?  I got a bad cold last week and it required bed rest and liberal amounts of fluids and zinc lozenges.  No work, no fun, and lots of tissues.  In any case, being late with week 12 and slightly late with week 13 requires me to do a twofer.  So, here they are: HOPE  and CHANGE.  I use the word hope a lot; hope you are doing well, hope you can come, hope that I don’t have cancer, etc.  I think I overuse it and struggle to find alternatives.  All in all, I am a hopeful person and feel that without hope the world would be a dismal place.  Ah, change.  I have trouble with that one.  I don’t like things to change, especially abruptly.  Give me some time to get used to the new whatever.  I appreciate the gradual evolution of events or ideas not the oops life-has-thrown-me-a-curve-ball-I’d-better-get-used-to-it-fast kind of situation.  It’s a flaw that plagues me and causes waves of anxiety and the inability to act sometimes.  However, act I do and usually I come out on top and am relieved and proud that I have overcome my inadequacy.  So, how shall I connect the two words?  Powerball comes to California on April 8… I hope I win so I can change a few things in my life and in the lives of others.  Enough said!

Update: Since I didnt consult my list of words used before writing this post, I didn’t remember that I had already used HOPE.  I told you I use the word a lot!

Word, Week 7

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The weeks of this year are really flying by.  I am always amazed at how fast time does pass.  It was a tough week.  Tomorrow I will have another procedure and I am not looking forward to it.  But to the task at hand… a word.  This week’s word is ACCEPTANCE which is something that I practice almost every day.  I am slowly realizing that I need to accept what life has given me and move on, grow and remember that nothing is permanent.  A foul mood, happiness, sorrow, wealth, poverty, health, illness; everything that we know, have and do can change in an instant.  Choosing to change our perspective is another matter as it requires an active commitment.  I can choose to wallow in self pity or I can make art.  I can make art about wallowing in self pity, or I can make art that makes me happy and touches my heart with color and light.  At this point in time they are equally compelling.  I accept that I am an artist.  I accept that everything takes time and sometimes it seems like forever.  I also accept compliments which has taken me all my life to be comfortable with.  Now, I smile and say, “Thank you!”  No more negative, self-deprecating remarks allowed.  And now, I am accepting the fact that sleep is necessary and will come if I read long enough.  So, I bid you adieu.