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I’m Back, Again

Posted in Quilt Show with tags , , , , , , on April 25, 2015 by madelincwolf

No excuses, really.  Life has been very busy these past few months.  So, here I go with good intentions to post more regularly.

First let’s start off with my latest quilt for this year’s Berkeley Public Library Quilt Show (May 1-June 1), “Scattered Geese”

Scattered Geese

(From the Catalog) “Once again I have chosen to marry fabric and paper in my quilt. I selected 12, 12” square papers with images of leaves made by the “flower pounding” technique given to me by a friend.  Using acrylic matte medium, I glued random fabric triangles leftover from making bindings onto the papers.  The the pink triangles in each center are the exception bringing some continuity to the blocks. Each square was quilted individually before joining them together and binding the whole.I am particularly excited about the DIY circle making “attachment”(below) I made from a strip of presentation board, a thumbtack and an eraser.  Move over McGuyver!  The red buttons hide the thumbtack holes at the center of the bulls-eyes.”

It was important to make sure that the quilt will “read well” from a distance, since the quilts are hung up well above viewers’ eye level.  I think I pulled it off, don’t you?

Here are some pictures of my “attachment” in use.

100_1359Ending the circleDIY Attachment for Making Circles

If you get a chance, go to the show. It’s on the 2nd floor of the Central library. It’s FREE and you may find something that is unusual on the wall or in one of the cases.


Pre-Christmas Rush;Pre-New Year’s Resolutions, of sorts

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I have not posted in quite a while.  Time has a way of getting away from me.  I have had what can only be termed as a Christmas Rush of people wanting their quilts, “done before Christmas.”  I always try to accommodate everyone and really appreciate the business, but I am getting behind in my sewing!  I just finished quilting and binding a cute quilt for a four-year-old girl  today that features crazy cat angels in typical cat poses.  I will deliver it today and will ask for permission  to post the pictures, just in case.

I think that 2010 will be the Year of Living Organizedly, to make a bad take on a movie title.  I mean to say that I intend to organize, filter, purge, clean up and get down and dirty with my stuff.  Well, that is what I hope.  (Is this just a cruel fantasy?)  If I divest myself of some old stuff that will make room for some new stuff, just not as much.  Knowing where things are will help my sanity.  Less clutter might clear my mind. My problem is that  I like both minimalism and eclectic collections of random things that appeal to me.  I look in design magazines and love the rooms that are spare, have great art and fine, but few, furnishings.  I also love rooms decked out with comfy chairs, piles of pillows, tchotchkes (sp?) and walls that have artwork from floor to ceiling.  Yes, I am a Libra and the scales are my sign’s attribute.  Since I am constantly trying to achieve balance in my life, perhaps something in between might satisfy each side.